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Nationella uttagningen i maj 2021

Nu har tiden kommit för att ta ut det svenska landslaget som ska representera Sverige i sommar i den internationella tävlingen i Georgien!
Det är lätt att delta! Nedan finns information om vad du kan skicka in som bidrag – det går bra att skicka in det du har kommit fram till i ditt gymnasiearbete hittills med eller ett abstrakt som inte behöver innehålla mer än två sidor. Du behöver inte ha hittat en slutgilting lösning på ditt problem, utan visa bara det du kommit fram till hittills.

Deadline för att skicka in ett bidrag är den 18/4.

Frågor eller behöver sista minuten hjälp? Skicka ett mail till info@iyptsweden.org.

Now the time has come to send in your entry to compete for a spot on this year’s Swedish team!
Applying is easy! You can send in what you have so far in your gymnasiearbete or extended essay or similar project report, in either Swedish or English. Alternatively, you can send in a short abstract of no more than 2 pages. You do not need to have an ultimate solution to your problem, simply present what you have worked with so far. You can find more information below on what to include in your entry.

The deadline to submit and entry is 18/4.

Questions or last-minute help? Email us at info@iyptsweden.org.

IYPT, or the International Young Physicist’s Tournament, is an amazing experience where you compete with students from all around the world and meet fellow physics-interested students. You can find more information about IYPT in the information flyer attached to this email in case you are unfamiliar with the tournament.

The national tournament, in which the Swedish team will be selected, will be held on May 2nd, 2021, and will be held digitally. More information on this will be sent out later to those selected to compete.
The international tournament is tentatively planned to be held in Kutaisi, Georgia from July 7th till July 14th. In the event that it is not possible to carry the tournament out in person, the international tournament will be held digitally instead.

Your abstract should be around 2 pages and contain the following:
Description of the problem: Include parameters and hypotheses that were investigated
Theory: Outline of the theory behind the problem and its underlying assumptions
Setup and Method: Description of the setup (including pictures and diagrams)
Results: Display the results (using figures or graphs)
Conclusions: Evaluate the data and relate your findings to the problem description. Don’t forget to analyze sources of error and uncertainties in your results.
Optional: Include further improvements and what you want to investigate next.

Again: Gymnasiearbete or other longer reports are also accepted. It does not need to be finished and can be in English or Swedish. Please include your name, school, and the problem number and name in your work. The deadline for sending in the abstract is Sunday, April 18th, 2021.

From the submissions, about 10 students will be selected to participate in the national competition. From these, 5 students will form the Swedish Team and compete internationally in the summer.

The national competition involves holding a 10 minute presentation on your problem, and then carrying a debate with a fellow student. More information about this will be sent out to the students that are selected to compete.
If you are a teacher and would like to be a juror for this competition, let us know!

Regarding COVID-19:
As of now, there is a plan for the tournament to be held in Georgia, but in parallel a digital tournament is being planned. We strive to travel to Georgia if possible but will monitor the situation closely and, of course, make carefully deliberated decisions. The final decision regarding the tournament will be decided by the executive council of IYPT at the end of May.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.