IYPT Sweden

What is the IYPT?

The IYPT stands for International Young Physicists’ Tournament and is a high school physics competition where pupils have to solve 17 open problems in physics and orally defend the solution in a defence with another pupil (opponent). The IYPT started in the mid 80s’ and now exists in over 30 countries worldwide.

Why is the IYPT needed?

The IYPT is unlike other physics competitions because the IYPT fosters in participants skills such as experimental problem-solving, creativity, teamwork and communication: skills which are vital for a future in the workplace. The unique gathering that is the IYPT final also includes some cultural exchange, helping to make our world a better place.

Get involved

There are a number of ways to get involved. As a pupil you sign up and then get working on a current problem, as a teacher you can supervise your student as they work on a problem. You can get involved in IYPT Sweden and help out with the running of the organisation or you could partner the IYPT to support our investment in physics education and help recruit the talen of tomorrow.