Sweden 11th out of 18 at OYPT 2023

Instead of going to the IYPT final in Pakistan, Sweden participated with a 5 person team (Bahar Safari (Hvitfeldska), Linnéa Loserius (Malmö Borgarskola), Morris Tegnér (Malmö Borgarskola), Hugo Deresiewicz (Norra Real) and Ilya Suyatin (Katedralskolan, Lund)) and three jurors at the OYPT 2023 on the 2th-6th of August.

Even though the fights were all online, three team members (Hugo, Morris and Ilya) actually met up with the teams from Germany and Austria in Lund! Sweden started out strong, being placed 10 out of 18 after round 1, but ended up in 11th place with 133 points (out of a maximum 250) after the full five rounds. This was a good result, just missing a bronze medal and our best result since 2019.

Thanks to all who took part who helped make it a success.

IYPT Autumn Camp 14th-15th of October

On October 14-15, IYPT Sweden will hold camps in both Lund and Stockholm for those who want to get started with their IYPT problem.

The camp is free, but we require you to register in advance as the number of places is limited.

To get more information about the camp in Stockholm and information about registration, visit:

To read more about the camp in Lund and information about registration visit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRTET9hSpj_MK4tdCz1bUePsVFq5szfIMyYNN8ZBrBGn2CxuHELeS8RXJacMnr4F3sQ2dlnGaEpiIpR/pub

IYPT 2025 in Sweden

During the IOC meeting after the IYPT, IYPT Sweden presented a bid to host the IYPT final in 2025. An IYPT final will attract around 30 teams of 5 and two team leaders, will last for 7 days and include a number of cultural activities and outings.

The plan is that the event will be run in early July in Malmö with Malmö Borgarskola as the host for fights and for participants to stay in hotels (most likely Scandic). Our budget is approximately 2.7 million SEK and we have already got a promise of Silver Sponsorship from Jane Street. Big thanks to them!

The bid was accepted by the IYPT given that we can show more promises of funding by the IYPT’s EC meeting in November. If you know of or would like to help out with fundraising, then please get in touch with me (Sam). Any promises are of interest, even if a few larger donors are more interesting. We will be applying for a larger grant from Skolverket and we will be applying for a number of smaller grants from various foundations (stiftelser) in Sweden, and we are reaching out to industry to provide tournament sponsorship.

Bronze Medal to Sweden at the AYPT 2023

On 13-15 April 2023, Sweden participated (for the first time) with a three-person team in the Austrian Young Physicists Tournament 2023 and took home a bronze medal.

Bronze for Sweden from AYPT 2023! Image source: aypt.at

AYPT is Austria’s national selection tournament, but foreign teams are also invited. This year there were 5 three-man teams from Austria and 7 foreign teams (Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Sweden).

Over two days, the Swedish team competed by; presenting their solution to one of this year’s IYPT problems, acting as an opponent to another student’s presentation and acting as a “reviewer” during another stage. After each round, the team is given points by a jury, which are then averaged, weighted and added up to a final score.

The Swedish team performed at their best and were in 4th place after the first round thanks to their score of 40.4. After the three preliminary fights, they ended up in 7th place with a total of 133.3 points (out of a possible 180) which gave Sweden a bronze medal – Sweden’s first medal since the silver in IYPT 2019. Well Done Team Sweden.

We would like to once again thank all the students who participated, thank all the supervisors who have assisted the students as well as our sponsors and partners. Without you, IYPT in Sweden would not have been possible.

Results from the Swedish IYPT Championships 2023

From left: Linnéa Loserius (Malmö Borgarskola) (2nd place), Bahar Safari (Hvitfeldtska) (1st place), Morris Tegnér (Malmö Borgarskola) (3rd place), Hugo Deresiewicz (Norra Real), Ilya Suyatin (Cathedral School Lund), Torin Stanton Andersson (Procivitas Lund) and Viggo Kraft.

On Saturday, April 1st 2023, 7 students and about 10 physicists from all over the country gathered to decide who is the Swedish champion in IYPT. During the course of the day, the students took turns to present and defend their solution to one of the current IYPT problems and to act as an opponent for another student. The student receives a grade between 1-10 for their presentation and another grade between 1-10 for their opposition. We are happy that so many people wanted to take part as jury members, which made the assessment fairer. Presentation grades are weighted with a factor of 3 and opposition grades are weighted with a factor of 2. The students are ranked and the results are announced on the day.

The results were:

  1. Bahar Safari, Hvitfeldtska Gothenburg
  2. Linnéa Loserius, Malmö Municipal School
  3. Morris Tegnér, Malmö Civic School

As a prize, all the winners received some money and a goodie bag thanks to our sponsors, Vattenfall.

Today’s task was also to select a team that will represent Sweden in the Austrian Young Physicists’ Tournament on April 13-15 in Leoben, Austria. The team will consist of Bahar Safari, Linnéa Loserius and Hugo Deresiewicz.

Thanks again to all those who took part.

Vattenfall + IYPT = True

We are very pleased and proud to present our main sponsor for 2023: Vattenfall, the Swedish energy company.

Vattenfall logo

They are donating some goodie bags as well as cash prizes to the finalists in the Swedish finals. Their support will also help to fund our physics camps this year.

Thank you again!

Team Borgar Takes 2nd Place and a Silver Medal at BeYPT

Team Borgar who came in 2nd place and received a silver medal at the BeYPT (the Berlin Young Physicist Tournament). The team from the left: Jonathan Yong, Linnéa Loserius and Sabrina Li

On February 11, 2023, Malmö Borgarskola participated with a team in the BeYPT (the Berlin Young Physicist Tournament) and came 2nd place and thus received a silver medal. BeYPT is Berlin’s regional selection tournament for Germany’s national IYPT tournament and has a format very similar to a real IYPT. The team consisted of Jonathan Yong, Linnéa Loserius and Sabrina Li, all students at Malmö Borgarskola’s IB program DP1. Sam Edgecombe was the accompanying teacher.

During the tournament, where 28 students presented their solution to one of the current (2023) IYPT problems, each member got to present their problem for 12 minutes and also lead the opposition of another student’s problem – also for 12 minutes – then answer questions from a jury.

The tournament was hosted by Herder Gymnasium, which has a mathematics and physics profile and with which Malmö Borgarskola has had a long-standing collaboration (It was actually through Malmö Borgarskola that Herder Gymnasium heard about IYPT in 2011). The day before the tournament, the students got to participate in a grade 12 physics lesson, then they visited the “Deutsches Technikmuseum” and the “Science Center Spectrum”.

The trip was made possible thanks to Erasmus+ money administered by Malmö Borgarskola.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this trip possible, especially our German guests in Berlin; the teachers Dr. Mr. Ebert, Mrs Jeschke and the host students Antonia Macha, Jolanda Fehlinger and Rasmus Stegelmann.

On behalf of the team,

Sam Edgecombe

IYPT Team 2017

Team Sweden 2017. From left to right: William Kocalp (Borgar), Lars Gråsjö (lärare, Danderyd), Jakob Lavröd (former teamm member and assistant), Daniel Javedinejad (Borgar), Erik Böjs (Norra Real), Sam Edgecombe (teacher, Borgar), Tina Eslami (Borgar) and Daniel Lizotte (Borgar)

Sweden’s IYPT 2016 Team

Thanks to all that those who took part in this year’s try-outs for the Swedish IYPT team. The team that we will take to Russia are:

Yasmin Sheihk Ali (Malmö Borgarskola)
Kevin Furmanski (Malmö Borgarskola)
Nelly Vuong (S:t Petri skola, Malmö)
Phiphi Tran
William Kocalp (Malmö Borgarskola)