Team Borgar Takes 2nd Place and a Silver Medal at BeYPT

Team Borgar who came in 2nd place and received a silver medal at the BeYPT (the Berlin Young Physicist Tournament). The team from the left: Jonathan Yong, Linnéa Loserius and Sabrina Li

On February 11, 2023, Malmö Borgarskola participated with a team in the BeYPT (the Berlin Young Physicist Tournament) and came 2nd place and thus received a silver medal. BeYPT is Berlin’s regional selection tournament for Germany’s national IYPT tournament and has a format very similar to a real IYPT. The team consisted of Jonathan Yong, Linnéa Loserius and Sabrina Li, all students at Malmö Borgarskola’s IB program DP1. Sam Edgecombe was the accompanying teacher.

During the tournament, where 28 students presented their solution to one of the current (2023) IYPT problems, each member got to present their problem for 12 minutes and also lead the opposition of another student’s problem – also for 12 minutes – then answer questions from a jury.

The tournament was hosted by Herder Gymnasium, which has a mathematics and physics profile and with which Malmö Borgarskola has had a long-standing collaboration (It was actually through Malmö Borgarskola that Herder Gymnasium heard about IYPT in 2011). The day before the tournament, the students got to participate in a grade 12 physics lesson, then they visited the “Deutsches Technikmuseum” and the “Science Center Spectrum”.

The trip was made possible thanks to Erasmus+ money administered by Malmö Borgarskola.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this trip possible, especially our German guests in Berlin; the teachers Dr. Mr. Ebert, Mrs Jeschke and the host students Antonia Macha, Jolanda Fehlinger and Rasmus Stegelmann.

On behalf of the team,

Sam Edgecombe

Congratulations Team Sweden 2014

Well done to Team Sweden who took home bronze medels during this year’s IYPT final in Shrewsbury, UK.  The team that came an honourable 11th place consisted of

Fransiska Aspegrén
Jakob Hellman
Daniel Jacobsson
Sabrina Wang
Alexander Åkesson

We look forward to taking on 2015’s problems.

A big thanks to all those who helped team Sweden in their success including Jakob L, Felicia, Patrick, Lars G, Damir and of course Kim!

Results from the qualifiers 9th Feb 2014

Well done to all those who took part in today’s qualifying round. Those ten chosen to go forward are: 

Alexander Åkesson (Malmö Borgarskola)
Arvid Wendel (Katedralskolan Lund)
Fabrice Suh (Malmö Borgarskola)
Jakob Helman (Malmö Borgarskola)
Lars Åström (Malmö Borgarskola)
Molly Liljebjörn Rusk (Katedralskola Lund)
Mattias Sjö (Katedralskolan Lund)
Sarah Tovatt (Danderyds gymnasium)
Sabrina Yue Wang (Malmö Borgarskola)
Toomas Liiv (Danderyds gymnasium)

The others who took part were:

Anton Bengtsson
Carl Dahl
Christoffer Virkefors
Malte Larsson
Sina Al-Raiss

A big thank you to the organisers and thanks to Lund University for letting us use their premises. Thanks also to all the judges who helped to select the team.