Results from the qualifiers 9th Feb 2014

Well done to all those who took part in today’s qualifying round. Those ten chosen to go forward are: 

Alexander Åkesson (Malmö Borgarskola)
Arvid Wendel (Katedralskolan Lund)
Fabrice Suh (Malmö Borgarskola)
Jakob Helman (Malmö Borgarskola)
Lars Åström (Malmö Borgarskola)
Molly Liljebjörn Rusk (Katedralskola Lund)
Mattias Sjö (Katedralskolan Lund)
Sarah Tovatt (Danderyds gymnasium)
Sabrina Yue Wang (Malmö Borgarskola)
Toomas Liiv (Danderyds gymnasium)

The others who took part were:

Anton Bengtsson
Carl Dahl
Christoffer Virkefors
Malte Larsson
Sina Al-Raiss

A big thank you to the organisers and thanks to Lund University for letting us use their premises. Thanks also to all the judges who helped to select the team.